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Fibre To The Premises for Business and Home

FTTP…Is this something you’d be interested in?

Let’s talk about your business first of all. Does your business suffer from any of these?

  • Do you have slow internet?
  • Maybe your internet connection keeps dropping out?
  • Or do you have no internet altogether?

Well, if this is the case…We are here to help! We are now able to install a Fibre To The Premises connection!


FFTP – Business

If you want to get working Faster and Smarter, then this is the way forward for you and your business…

All this extra speed is there to help your people do more online at the same time, keeping your company at the top of its game. Whether you’re connecting devices and systems to the cloud, handling video conferences with clients, or managing big data, faster broadband makes you more efficient. Which cuts costs. And improves your customer experience.

Visit: www.smcomputers.co.uk for more information…

FFTP – Home

If you want to be able to do more online, on more devices then this is definitely the route for you…

Go 10x faster than the UK’s average standard broadband speed at peak times. That means you can download an HD movie in under six minutes, even at the busiest times – it would take nearly an hour with standard broadband.

  • Enjoy high quality video calls with friends and family
  • Stream your favourite 4K shows on multiple devices
  • Download HD box sets at amazingly fast speeds
  • Upload videos and photos like there’s nothing to it
  • Lose yourself in online gaming without the lag