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Latest CCTV and Alarm Systems

How important can a CCTV System be?

SM Computer Solutions can provide you with the latest, high-quality CCTV to ensure that your business is protected and secured to the best of its ability.

Here is just a few of the positives these CCTV Systems can provide you with:

  • High Definition Picture Quality:

Cameras are there to record everything that is happening inside and outside of the workplace, therefore the image quality is extremely crucial if any damage was to be done to your workplace. Our HD and MegaPixel CCTV Camera Systems allow you to zoom in and out to capture any of the small or big details needed. Do you already have analogue cameras installed around your workplace? Perfect! This means that it is easy for you to upgrade to HD CCTV without even having to replace the whole of your security system. Just be switching the camreas and recorder, your premises will be more secure than ever.

What kind of alarm would I need on this building?

The SM Computer Solutions team recommend our service in order to provide you with the appropriate alarm for your buildings/workplaces.

We are a company that knows all about security and wanting to protect our clients; SM Computers personally go out and install the alarm system for you, securing all areas and providing you with notifications whenever the alarm is activated, deactivated and whether the alarm has been set off.

  • Integrated Video Surveillance:

Did you know that our CCTV Systems can be combined with your existing security to create a comprehensive bespoke security package? Your entire CCTV System will be integrated which means that you will be able to set up the scenarios for how each device will respond when your alarm is activated. It doesn’t matter if you are an SME or Large Business; all of this applies to you!

  • Digital Video Management and Storage:

Would you like to add motion detection cameras to certain areas of your workplace? Great! Our systems allow you to do this as well as record and store footage digitally in order to improve the effectiveness of your business’ CCTV.

  • Mobile View:

You will be able to access your video surveillance from your mobile devices such as: phone, tablet or PC to view live images and recorded images. You will also receive notifications of all of your alarm events. If you have the Dual Stream Support, this will give you two different views from your IP Camera; One will be in High Definition for recording and one will be in a lower resolution for live display. This will definitely save bandwidth which means your recorder can display more cameras.

  • E-mail Notifications:

With e-mail notifications you can set your system up to send notifications to you whenthe alarm is activated and even when there are system faults that may require attention: This can be set up to specified email addresses which means that they would never go unnoticed.